Welcome to your new Sword Shop. 

Everyday you will be offered swords at different conditions and rarities, your goal is to make a profit. This is accomplished by buying swords for low prices and selling them at higher ones. Every sword you buy has a certain chance to sell at night, and if it does, you will see if you have made a profit.

Owning a shop is rather difficult, but over time you will grow your knowledge of swords to make profitable purchases. You can also upgrade your shop to get better swords, conditions, prices, and sell chances. 

With 100 swords in the game, try to collect them all, and become the ultimate sword shop owner. This is not an easy task, and only the best will be able to accomplish it. 


- 100 Swords with unique names and designs

- 20 Origins, 5 Rarities, & 6 Conditions

- 4 Upgrade Categories

- Beautiful pixel-art

- Simple user interface

- Awesome music and sound effects

- One-click control

Enjoy this simple, yet addicting, medieval pixel-art game made with Unity. Make sure to comment with any improvements or suggestions for the future. If you like this game and want more free games from me, any support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and enjoy,

Ben Stewart

If the game is not loading try left-clicking on the screen.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsEconomy, Medieval, Non violent, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really fun, but is it even possible to lose? When I run out of money it just gives me more...

ben... is this about potions of pixahlia somehow?


Simple, yet great. Kept me entertained until the end.


Thanks for the hour or two of fun


Great simple game. I like games like these that are just one mechanic, its good inspiration. I hope to make something similar someday. ;)


kill the tutorial or skip it and add pause it went rather harmful for any free play option? What happened to self discovery for those who less newbie gamers in world ->me and few people would feel that tutorial is bit much... I think you need to add maybe crafting to your game rather then buying weapons and selling them fill like a crazy rat race if you do that, means what game is more like third party seller then a prime sword or weapon seller. if that is case or story of game is you have to gather materials...and go questing and close shop or have it shop that always moving rather than stationary? 

To me that makes sense?  Stationary shop means he have fated arrangement shop or he / she found this shop because he had special income or was invested by mayor or township who believed in player. I believe on facebook they have two that are like this there could be more like this in particular.

Currently if was moving or caravan weapon shop it would work, resources would have to random occurrences -> on road as you travel and and clientele the same way. Why am I giving you this because it mean you have come up what things I don't come up with you have figure out what is left unsaid.  Moving idea weapon shop might be crafting type or buying and be third type seller idea but you can also interface it mobile like too..it could work. Not saying I tried it...its just foggy idea...


GG 100 %

adding the ability to bankrupt would add more life to the game

really well done 

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I love this game!  Great mechanics and game play. Are there any more games coming out in the future? 20/10

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! I hope I'll be making more games in the future, but not sure when they will be released yet!

collected all swords 100%  great game